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Fascias and Guttering

Fascias and guttering can split, or more commonly they can become moldy and mildew ridden as a result of dampness. This can cause problems including, and not least, health concerns. Why not let Pinnacle Roofing take a look at your fascias and gutters to eliminate and problems.

As roofers – how do we work?

It could be possible that each and every roof in the area in which you live is unique. However it is true to say that all roofs do the same job of keeping out the wind, rain and cold, and of keeping you home and its contents dry. A roofing system installed by Preston Roof Tech will last many years before any minor repair work is needed.

Preston Roof Tech prides itself on vast levels of knowledge and roofing expertise – we like to think of ourselves as Preston leading authority on roofing and roof solutions in the Preston area. If you find yourself in the often once in a lifetime situation of needing a new roof structure for your home or business premises, you will need to think about the size or the roof, the slope and materials. Choosing the perfect roofing material will involve these important factors.

Pinnacle Roofing Preston understand that a quick fix approach to roofing repair is unacceptable. Our roofers take the time and effort to make sure that repair work is carried out in such a manner that the roofing repair will last, and that the unfortunate situation that our customers found themselves in with regards to roofing damage will not be repeated.

Here’s how Pinnacle Roofing work: Following the initial communication from our customers, Pinnacle will send out a highly skilled roofing engineer who will carry out a full roof inspection at your property. From here we will make clear recommendations based on the individual roofing assessment. The initial inspection and consultation on your roof is of course a free service, after which an official quotation (or in some cases numerous quotes exploring different roofing options that may have been discussed) will be provided. Pinnacle always explore deep into the real cause of any roofing problems, offering practical solutions designed to save our customers money in the long run.